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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

From aggravated to aggregated: This platform helps keep your status updates targeted and relevant

I’ve long restricted my LinkedIn profile to my professional life… and then chat-up my personal interests on Facebook, which I reserved for personal relationships. (I don’t think my colleagues and business associates want to see my vacation photos, and my friends aren’t all that interested in the latest qualitative research discovery I’ve made!)

Some people have more than one Facebook account—one for their personal life, and one for their professional endeavors—and the same goes for their presence on LinkedIn and other social sites.

In another story from this week, a company called Whoopaa helps users separate work from pleasure in more convenient way… aggregating information into categories and helping users “post” to the pertinent social, professional, or family connections in their life. Click here to see the story.

Implications: It is amazing how far the consumer trend toward personal archiving has come. We’re being bombarded with so many messages—even from our friends—that we must use artificial aids to sort them into categories of interest.

If your company, product, or service were going to be sorted into a compartment of the consumer’s life, where would they put you? If they were inclined to recommend you, would they tell their family, friends, co-workers… or all of the above?

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