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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Retirement stress?

A few days ago, we published a link to research that suggested “employed 65+ adults should be considered affluent” [see the posting from March 9, 2011 by clicking here]. In contrast to those findings, there is a story in today’s USA Today that suggests people headed toward retirement age are feeling a bit gloomy about their prospects. Click here to see that story.

Implications: What does one do with all of these seemingly conflicting reports?

First off, use them as a healthy reminder that for every trend, there is likely a counter-trend. The best research doesn’t always lead to having all the right answers. Sometimes, it only helps you discover all the right questions.

Study the consumer you serve, specifically. Find out how they’re feeling… and discover how you can make them feel better. That might have to do with retirement planning… or taking a grandchild to a theme park.

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