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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Consumers are trying to research online before going in-store

Today’s Research Brief suggests that only 3% of consumers have an extreme loyalty toward their brands… which allows one to infer that 97% will consider other options. Perhaps that is why, as the story suggests, consumers are so intent on doing research before making a purchase.

And while the web is a favored source of that research, nearly a third of consumers (30%) say they cannot find meaningful information at the store or product sites they visit.

Click here to see the Research Brief for yourself.

Implications: Does your website provide the kind of marketing you want… or the kind you consumers want? (Of course, this is a question for your consumers, not you.)

The next time I design a customer feedback survey, I’m thinking about two more questions I should ask.

“What could [company] do to make your shopping research easier, and therefore your purchase experience more pleasant?”

“Please visit our website before answering this question: What could we add to (or delete from) the [company website] to make your shopping research easier, and therefore, your purchase experience more pleasant?”

Obviously, this is a survey that would be very easy to administer from your website, almost anytime, so you could gain this intelligence beginning now.

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