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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Information overload remains a source of stress

Even compared to a few years ago, our access to information is greater. We’ve had websites and expanded cable for a long, long time. But of late, we have access to ever-smarter smart phones, i-Pads, e-readers and apps. Is your life better for all of it, or simply more cluttered? Do you have more time today, compared to a few years ago... or less?

The topic rises in my consciousness because of a newsletter I received yesterday from McKinsey (in my email), a story in the New York Times (which came through an app on my Droid), and an invitation to a time management seminar that heard about (from a friend on LinkedIn).

Implications: After reading the McKinsey and NY Times resources above, one might ask, “Am I making good use of my customer’s time? Is the velocity of their transaction sufficient to make them appreciate my service, or speak poorly about it? When I invite them to visit the company website or Facebook page, are they being incentivized with something that rewards their investment of time?

Is the content of my marketing full of the things I am proud of… or have I narrowed the message to focus on what matters most to my prospect? The time they will devote to consideration is finite; am I using those precious seconds of awareness in an optimal way?

The race to the sale does not always go to the lowest price, nor even the highest quality. Among time-starved consumers, the race sometimes goes simply to the provider who is faster.

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