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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

User-generated content carries the Super Bowl for PepsiCo

Several of the PepsiCo ads that aired during the Super Bowl were not produced by some high-flying agency on Madison Avenue, but rather, by fans of the product. The company sponsored a “Crash the Super Bowl” contest, inviting consumers to create ads promoting their Dorito’s and Pepsi Max brands. Today’s Marketing Daily has an interesting review of the process and outcome, which you can review by clicking here.

UPDATE: Also in today's Marketing Daily, a story about how Infiniti is inviting their customers to "do the talking." See that story by clicking here.

Implications: If you asked them, would your customers stand-up and speak-out on your behalf? While the PepsiCo effort was rather extravagant with million-dollar prizes, many companies inspire their customers to speak favorably about them on a regular basis. First by delivering a product and/or service that stands out as “delightful” and earns high satisfaction markets… but also by facilitating the conversation.

Do you have a process designed to surprise and delight the customer?

Do you have a process for inviting them to share their favorable remarks, by mail, email, Facebook or other means? The best spokesperson for your company maybe the person who last bought from you!

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