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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The often-overlooked asset of social media: Input

A great story in today’s Marketing Daily explains how the people behind the Pepsi Refresh campaign aren’t just focused on what they’re saying. They’re also tuned-in to what social media lets them hear.

Click here to read the story.

Implications: Digital assets, when properly used, can help companies shift from a one-way communication strategy (where the company advertises to the consumer), to a two-way strategy (whereby the consumer can talk back). The remarks shared by consumers could be explicit (responding to surveys, etc.), and some of their input could be implicit (the remarks they offer in the comment section of a social page). But either way… you have more tools than ever before to tune-in to your customers and prospects.

But the analysis of social media participants is more than that. Social media has the power to turn an advertising monologue into a marketing dialogue. (Ask yourself: Would you rather listen to a lecture, or participate in a conversation?)

The Pepsi Refresh folks are using social media not just to reach out to consumers, but to research them. Are you (or should you be) doing the same?

Could you benefit from knowing how people feel about your company, your products, your services… or the feelings people have about your entire industry category?

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