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Friday, June 24, 2011

A study of small-business confidence

This morning, a story on cited the findings of a new research report by U.S. Bank.  The study shares insight as to the degree of confidence that exists among small business operators in the 25-state footprint of the bank.  Click here to see the story, or, to see the U.S. Bank report as a PDF, click here.

Implications:  While the recession was widely proclaimed to have ended in June, 2009 (see this story example from the Washington Post), this study is another example that perception is reality. 

If you’re a bank selling loans to businesses—or if you’re a shoe store selling to consumers on Elm Street—the recession is over when your customer says it is over.

Have you talked with your customers, lately, about how their personal recovery is going?  It might be a great chance to hear of products or services that you could offer to help them celebrate their recovery, or mitigate their on-going financial battles… whichever the case might be.

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