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Thursday, June 24, 2010

One person's trash is another person's... revenue stream

Another gem from Springwise this week: A company in Utah is gathering food waste from restaurants and grocery stores, and then composting the goods into premium soil that is sold to nurseries and greenhouses. (Click here to see the story.)

Implications: In a word where consumers increasingly think anything that’s too good to be true is probably false… I love the way this business model shows a clear connection between garbage-in and sustainability-out. The company, Eco-Scraps, has put itself in a position to not just claim—but demonstrate—their environmentally-friendly actions. And in an example of greatness-by-association, any restaurant or grocer who provides waste, or any nursery that buys the soil produced, can also lay verifiable claim to being green.

The consumer has been surrounded by reasons to suspect many companies and the claims they make. Are your claims supported by this kind of simplicity and transparency?

Mike Anderson

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