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Friday, July 2, 2010

"Fit" aggravates job market

A significant of the manual labor manufacturing jobs have fled overseas, and the jobs left behind are more specialized in nature... according to this story in today’s New York Times.

Implications: I’ve heard a new term recently with increasing frequency: Up-skilling. A lot of people are realizing that the abilities required in their last job (or last career) are not the abilities that will be required in their next job (or next career).

If you’re a college or technical school, the opportunities here are obvious: Position your wares not as “courses” but as “occupational prep.” If you’re a company that might be hiring anytime soon, training might be an important consideration… whether that training is provided by your company or something you expect each applicant to gain before/during their employment. (Do you offer flexible hours to facilitate coursework?)

The “new economy” brings with it some new challenges and realities to consider.

Mike Anderson

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