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Monday, January 17, 2011

Blogs become an increasing point of influence

Colleague and friend Kim Willoughby passed this tidbit along this morning: An Online Media Daily story that suggests the influence of blogs is increasing, particularly where health and beauty purchasing is concerned. Click here to see the full story.

Implications: Consumers read blogs for a lot of reasons: To gain useful insights, information or ideas, to compare opinions, or to get advice, to name just a few. If your company has a blog that fulfills one or more of these needs, your chances for success are pretty strong.

A blog that serves people stands a much better chance of success than a blog that serves a product. What are your people (customers, prospect, users) interested in? What are they doing when they use your product or service? What are the top common denominators that might create a bond between significant numbers of your constituents? If you can find--or build--blogs that speak to those interests, your customers will have you right where they want you.

Should a restaurant blog be about your menu... or should it instead offer ideas to make a "date night" something to remember? Tips about where to find a good babysitter?

Should a blog for an insurance company be about coverage and deductibles... or should it instead offer ideas about how to reduce risk of accident or injury around the house?

If you understand the deeper benefits that make someone want to own your product or service, you will also understand which topics might be good focal points for your site.

Mike Anderson

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