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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Volunteering: It's increasingly tough to find the time

Charitable giving was one casualty of the recession: When times were tough, it was tough to write a check as big as when incomes were stable and the economy was robust. But according to a story in today’s USA Today, it isn’t just charitable giving that has taken a hit, charitable actions have also fallen on tough times as families are busy tending to their own needs.

See the complete story in today’s USA Today by clicking here.

Implications: It’s not that people don’t want to give of their money, time or other resources. It’s that many consumers continue to have all of their resources stretched. That might lead to great Cause Marketing opportunities in the coming year… if you can think of ways for people to affordably do something nice for a charity that concerns your company and your target consumers.

Think of experiential philanthropy: Are there causes you can tie into that help consumers multi-task (i.e., satisfying a need they have, and supporting a cause they believe in)?

Mike Anderson

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