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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What does success look like?

I belong to a LinkedIn group called “Consumer Insights Interest Group.” It’s a place where researchers, consumer anthropologists and other people-watchers collaborate and talk with each other. Someone posted a fantastic question, recently: “If you could talk with a million consumers, what is the one question you would ask?”

Someone posted this simple response: “What does success look like?”

Implications: What a stimulating conversation to start 2011. What does success look like to your consumers? Post-recession, is “keeping up with the Jones’” a dead concept? Will people remain fundamentally changed, long-term? Are people still tirelessly focused on careers, or has their family re-emerged as a basic priority? (Or, will some people continue to drive themselves crazy by being perfect with regard to both?)

What does life success look like… to your customers? Know how your customers would answer that question, and you will know success. You have more research options than ever before, and more reasons to use them than at any time in recent history.

Happy New Year.

Mike Anderson

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