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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Technology compressing the facetime you get with customers

The Iconoculture newsletter, Iconowatch, reliably delivers at least one or two fascinating nuggets every week. The most recent issue led me to a synopsis of some Accenture research, with this simple but stunning highlight:

73% of smartphone owners would rather spend their shopping time completing simple tasks on their phone than talk with an employee.

Click here to see the analysis.

Implications: In recent years, more and more consumers have adopted the practice of doing their pre-shopping research online, instead of the age-old practice of gaining product information from store personnel. Now, there’s a good chance some customers will know as much or more about the products they will buy than the people selling those products.

With the evolution of more sophisticated mobile tools, some multi-tasking consumers—even those who are walking through your store—seem to be suggesting that… “Even though you see my face, you might not have my attention.”

Are you facilitating the digital dialogue many customers prefer with your website, mobile presence, etc?

When prospects walk into your store, dealership or lobby, is your selling team using a relevant, useful approach… or talking about something a potential customer would rather ignore?

Mike Anderson

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