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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Same restaurant, polar opposites?

On Sunday, Media Post Marketing Daily released a story about the new health-related regulations that will be hitting (or have already hit) the restaurant business this year. The highest profile rules have to do with transparency and disclosure, with regard to the ingredients and nutritional information of menu items.

I invite you to click here to read the story… but the most important point might not be in the details, but the headline.

Implications: More healthy eating habits are a priority for lots of consumers, but not all of them. It is nearly an art form, but the smart trend watcher will not blindly conform to what she/he perceives to be an emerging trend. She/he will accept that a trend often impacts only a portion of their targeted consumers, and other consumers might totally ignore the trend, or even represent a counter-trend that stands opposed to popular new fad or trend.

Can you appeal to trend adopters, without alienating folks who want nothing to do with the trend? How?

Mike Anderson

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