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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Manufacturing and jobs vs. the economy

Recently, the New York Times published a video story about the Marvin Window and Door factory in Warroad, Minnesota.  The story caught my eye because the town is not far from where I grew up in the extreme north central U.S., but it is also a testament to the convictions of a privately held company—and its employees—during rough economic times.  Click here to see the story, or watch the video immediately below.

Implications:  Susan Marvin, the company’s president, sums this story up well.  “You can sustain the business operating like we are and wait for it to improve.  Or, we can say that’s just plain not good enough and we’re going to do something about it.”  The quote is a teaser, but we can assume it means finding new ways to sell and satisfy customers… or finding new customers to satisfy and sell.  Perhaps Marvin will find new markets for their product line, or new product lines for their facilities to manufacture.

But you have to love how they project an air of control, rather than begin victims.  And that’s an attitude that trickles down right through the ranks of their employees.

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