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Friday, January 27, 2012

Bank loyalty higher than thought, according to survey

Observation:  A survey conducted by TD Bank indicates that more people are loyal to their bank than wide-spread negative press might lead one to believe.  That’s according to a story in today’s Marketing Daily (click here to see it).

Implications:   This is positive news for people in the financial industry… but I bet the satisfaction level varies widely from one institution to another, depending on the extent to which a bank nurtures their relationship and refines their service to customers.

Like many consumers, my wife and I are satisfied with our primary bank due to the fact that we seldom come into contact with it, directly.  With direct deposit, automated bill pay and online services, it is rare that we actually talk with a human or walk into a bank branch. 

If the relationship that your company, product or service has with consumers is similarly automated, in what ways might you maintain an element of contact or communication with customers that is truly valued and appreciated?

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