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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Trade-in value: It's not just for cars anymore

Observation:   Back in October, we shared a posting about “Re-commerce,” where more consumers are trying to sell something they own before buying the replacement for that item (i.e., listing a couch on Craig’s List before spending the money for a new sofa).  Click here to see that Elm Street consumer trends story from October 4, which was based on an article from

In today’s Marketing Daily, there is another story of interest to this trend.  It suggests that more women are considering resale value before they buy a product (and we’re talking about everything from clothing to electronics, no just cars).  Click here to see that story.

76% of the women surveyed indicate that they participate in a site where consumers buy or sell from each other.

Implications:   Should your company consider adding a trade-in policy for the products you sell?  Should it at least start thinking about the long-term resale value of the products you offer, and talking about those attributes with customers?

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