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Monday, January 23, 2012

Walgreen’s morphs the niche they are in

Observation:  It is an interesting time to watch the nation’s largest drug store.  First, in a gutsy revolt against the healthcare system, the chain recently announced they would no longer accept prescription orders reimbursed by insurance-giant Express Scripts.  According to a recent video from supermarket expert Phil Lempert (click here to see that footage), that move could represent as many as 80 million prescriptions.  But that was a hit Walgreen’s was apparently willing to take, in defiance of the prescription management company’s effort to shrink the store’s profit margin on medications.

Another story—this one from Forbes—suggests that Walgreen’s is moving toward a business model that is much more consumer-centric, with product offerings that include a widely expanded beauty products, select groceries (including “wellness” organic foods), wine and cheese shops, and even coffee shops.  Click here to see that story.

Implications:   This is just my opinion, but I see this move as Walgreen’s decision to not let Express Scripts define the business they are in… and take control over that decision for themselves. 

What business are you in?  Is the answer to that question decided by a landlord, vendor or supplier?  Or is it defined by you and your customers?

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