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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Home furnishings industry regains footing... and opportunities

Observation:   A recent story in the High Point Enterprise suggests that 2011 was a year of stabilization for the home furnishings industry.  While it may not be what one could call a robust recovery, 2011 saw increases in orders, shipments and employment, and that trend seems to have momentum going forward.  Click here to see the story.  HPE is a publication serving the home furnishings industry.

Implications:   Just a few years ago, it seemed like many people were buying and selling houses they same way they would trade-in their car every few years.  But that cycle was snapped, for many consumers, by the real estate meltdown.  Upside-down in their property, in terms of equity, a lot of folks have come to accept that they won’t be moving into a new-and-improved McMansion anytime soon. 

So, like many business categories, the home furnishings industry finds its customer base in a state of reconciliation.  In effect, once people accept that a new Dream Home is not in the cards, many begin taking steps to make the house they are in the home of their dreams.  From home improvements to home furnishings and accessories, they’ll be looking for ways to be happy with their current home.  Are you speaking to this new benefit… sought by so many consumers?

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