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Saturday, January 28, 2012

A look at the chasm between rich and poor

Observation:   A recent Research Brief newsletter suggests that the chasm between those who have and those who have not can look differently, depending on the group you are in.  The article cites Pew Research in suggesting that 66% of those surveyed think the conflict between rich and poor is “very strong.”  But feelings can vary significantly depending on political view, socio-economic status and ethnicity.  Click here to see the briefing.

Implications:   We’ve been referring to the current economic climate—and the chasm between rich and poor—as the dumb bell economy.  A lot of people at least perceive that the middle class has shrunk… and that there are lots of people on either end of the financial spectrum, and fewer folks in between. 

How are your customers feeling?  Are they, like many people, trying to decide where they fit into the spectrum?

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