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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

UPDATE: The competition (or collaborator) within

Observation: Adding to the story I posted yesterday (see immediately below), two more items have come to my attention on the topic of wireless and smartphone ubiquity.

First, a recent story from Online Media Daily—citing research from Motricity—estimates that roughly 38% of consumers (or nearly four in ten) made a purchase from their mobile device to purchase a gift during the most recent holiday season.  Click here to see that article.  

Today’s release from Research Brief seems to build on that momentum.  It refers to a survey of users (a group the authors admit does not necessarily represent an accurate sample of consumers) which indicates that 79% of respondents used their phone to research products, 77% to compare prices, and 73% to browse stores.  Click here to see that story.

Finally, and perhaps most eye-opening, I was alerted to this study by the Centers for Disease Control, which suggests that nearly one in three homes in the U.S. (31.6%) are now wireless-only.  Additionally, even in homes where both a landline and mobile phone exist, 1 in 6 Americans received all or almost all of their calls on a wifeless telephone.  These estimates help illustrate just how ubiquitous and reliant U.S. consumers have become on their mobile devices.  Click here to see the CDC/National Health Interview Statistics page, where you can download a PDF copy of the report.

Implications:   It would be dangerous to think of the web as someplace your consumers visit only while they’re at home or sitting at a desk.  Increasingly, it is a tool that they will navigate from a small-screen device, as they physically move through all the aspects of their day.
If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, those devices become your competition.  But if your site IS responsive to smartphones and touchpads, those devices become another channel through which your customers can explore and adore your company, product or service.  (That's why I adjusted today's updated headline from the one I used yesterday!)

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