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Friday, April 13, 2012

Free sample: The power of product trial in an age of wary consumers

Observation:   In the wake of economic turmoil, many consumers remain more careful about the way they spend money.  So what’s a new product to do, at a time when consumers are not in the mood to “roll the dice” on a product or service they aren’t familiar with?  Some ideas are offered in this story from NRF Store (click to link).

Implications:   While focused on the grocery and packaged goods industry, the tactic of free samples might be a wise thing to consider for almost any product or service.  When a consumer can experience your brand first-hand, a first purchase is less of an experiment and more of a sure thing, which is important at a time when folks are still seeking known value for each dollar spent.

The freebie need not be lavish or extreme... just enough that the consumer can feel confident about committing dollars to your product or service offering.

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