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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Surgeon and hotel collaborate for a package of nip, tuck, and tuck you in

Observation:  Today’s Springwise newsletter included a story about a plastic surgeon in New York that has partnered with a luxury hotel where patients can stay during recovery from their procedure.  Click here to see the story at

Implications:   This story is a great example of focusing not on the practice (business), but on the patient (consumer).

Who could you partner with to build a package that is bigger than either of the companies, products or services involved?  Don’t start by thinking of your existing business contacts.  Start by thinking about your patient—er, customer—experience.  Ask what could make that experience (before, during and after) even better.  Think outside your company’s walls.  Then make the contacts to make it happen.

By the way… talk to your media and marketing vendors to see if they might be a source of some very smart partnerships.  After all, they’re talking to all kinds of business people every week!

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