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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lots of folks skipping lunch (or bringing it in a bag)

Observation:   Yesterday, I wrote a story about the idea that some consumers are starting to indulge again; now, I’m sharing an article suggesting that fewer people are going out to lunch.  It appeared recently in USA Today (click to link).

Implications:   The USA Today story isn’t just about people who are cutting back, financially, on their lunch expenditures (although that is one reason that some folks are lunching less).  The stronger focus of the story is that people are feeling time-stressed, and don’t always want to take the time required to sit-down for a decent lunch meal.

I find that ironic in a world where we can get phone calls, emails and documents delivered almost anytime, anywhere.  This issue graphically illustrates just how busy we think we have become.

Whether you’re a restaurant, or any other product or service category, are you doing anything that helps consumers save time?  Do you deliver?  Can I order online?  Using my smartphone?  Lots of people will decide on lots of purchases in the coming year… with the hope that, really, they are buying time.

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