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Monday, May 10, 2010

From "re-greeting" cards to boxes that go back to their roots

The latest edition of the newsletter had a couple of innovative ways that some companies are serving consumers’ sustainable appetite. First, greeting cards that are intended to be used more than once. (Hey, most people have heard of re-gifting… why not re-greeting?) I also liked the box that is laced with the seeds of trees, and intended to be planted after using, rather than simply being discarded. Appropriately, it’s called “Lifebox.”

To read the whole Springwise newsletter for May, click here.

Implications: Springwise does a consistently good job of taking-in new business ideas from around the globe, and sharing them with their readers. Often, the concepts cqn be a bit trite. But each month, it contains at least one or two concepts that make one stop and think.

If someone from “the outside” were to explore your company… what kinds of creative, meaningful ideas would they find? Are there any concepts at work that are being overlooked, and thus not living up to their full profit potential? Are you doing anything to actively foster creativity within your company?

Mike Anderson

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