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Friday, May 28, 2010

Getting away for the weekend... but not completely

I’ve carefully timed this post for late Friday afternoon, going into Memorial Day weekend. Because if you’re like many others, you have left the office early today… but you have not left the office behind.

Thanks to that device formerly-known-as-a-cell-phone, you’re bringing along your contacts, email, text messaging… access to virtually your entire office. That’s according to this story that was published on Wednesday by Media Post Marketing Daily, citing research from ad network Burst Media.

Implications: We bought into mobile technology with the idea that it would let us leave the office anytime. But in reality, mobile technology means it is almost impossible to leave the office completely.

As best you can this weekend, set the phone down. Focus on the road while driving. And focus on family and friends when you’re supposed to be sharing in the fun. Spend some time thinking about and thanking those members of our armed services who sacrificed on our behalf.

Have a nice Memorial Weekend. I’ll see you back here on Tuesday.

Mike Anderson

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