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Thursday, May 20, 2010

This is not your mom's motherhood

This morning, the Research Brief from Media Post summarized the ongoing change that is occurring with how we define “motherhood.” The study compared statistics gathered in 1990 to similar stats from 2008. Among the most noteworthy changes: 41% of children were now born to unwed mothers in 2008 (compared to 28% in 1990). Click here to read the Research Brief synopsis. Or, if you’d rather get more detail, click here to see the full report from Pew Research.

Implications: For several years now, we’ve been cautioning marketers that, “the traditional family does not look traditional anymore.” This research supports that notion, and helps illustrate one facet of the new family norm… which is more diverse than ever.

The women who deliver children these days are, on average, both older and more educated, and more likely to not be participating in a traditional marital relationship. (Remember, though, that if 41% are single, then 59% are presumably not.)

Does your messaging deliver for today’s mom?

Mike Anderson

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