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Friday, December 3, 2010

Consumers have a plan. Do you know what it is?

More consumers are arriving at the grocery store with a plan in hand, according to data from NPD and featured in a Marketing Daily article just yesterday. (Click here to see the story.)

Implications: From cars to gifts to groceries, many consumers have held-on to the recession-inspired habit of planning for more purchases, and making fewer purchases “spontaneously.”

In your category, what does that buying cycle look like? Will they replace the vehicle when they hit a certain mileage point? Or are they waiting for the first major repair, and then ready to dump the vehicle they have now? How thin or dated must their wardrobe become before they’ll replenish the closet?

A grocery shopping list is not just a logical, tangible example of planned purchasing. It is emblematic of a new way of life for lots of folks. Is your product or service category impacted by this practice?

Mike Anderson

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