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Monday, December 6, 2010

Will your product or service be left behind?

An interesting story from the New York Times last Friday pointed-out what many of us already knew: More sophisticated mobile phones (smart phones with cameras, more specifically) are causing folks to leave their point-and-shoot cameras in a drawer. Click here to read the story.

Implications: The casual-use digital camera is about to fall victim to technology, just as they made their film-photo predecessors obsolete just a few years ago. But the consumer driver was quite predictable: If I can carry fewer devices, and still enjoy the functions, why not!?

One must wonder whether ever more sophisticated hand-held devices (like Androids and i-Phones) might render less critical the need to carry along a small laptop. Or whether the i-Pad or similar devices might render a larger laptop less critical… especially with so many options in cloud computing coming into the market.

How are you reaching customers, digitally speaking? Is your presence as friendly on a phone as it is on a desktop? The answer to that question could dictate whether the consumer brings your message along for the ride.

Mike Anderson

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