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Friday, December 3, 2010

We've got some good news and some bad news

First, the bad news: The labor market did not expand as much as we had hoped in November, according to this report from the Washington Post. 39,000 jobs were added, but the increase in job seekers led the unemployment rate higher to 9.8%. Click here for the story.

Then, the good news: Retail sales were up more than expected last month, too… reaching a 6% increase in same store sales compared to November last year. That’s according to this article from Media Post Marketing Daily (click to link).

Implications: For some, the recovery is going strong. For some, it is just beginning. For others, it is still something they are waiting for… and will not see until they or members of their household are more fully employed.

One might ask: Which of my consumers are gainfully into recovery? Which have begun their recovery, but are still in a state of caution? Should my marketing message—or my sales floor conversation—be the same for each of these differing targets?

Mike Anderson

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