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Monday, December 20, 2010

My opinion: A smart use of email marketing

Last night, I was flying from Atlanta to Minneapolis, and learned of a special “holiday gift” from Delta Airlines, Google Chrome, and GoGo in-flight internet service: Free Wi-Fi on this flight. So I fired-up the laptop and started working… free, except that I had to give GoGo my email address during the registration process.

Today, I received a very simple email from GoGo, with “Receipt” in the subject line of the message. It showed a table like this:

$12.95 for In-flight Internet Service
-12.95 for promotional discount
0.00 Sales Tax
$0.00 Total Cost (Happy Holidays!)

Implications: This was a smart way for GoGo to get me (and thousands of others, I will assume) to try in-flight Wi-Fi. Some people will pay to use the service in the future, some people will not. But I loved the way GoGo didn’t just give me value. They reminded me that they gave me value! (No harm in that, is there!?)

Next time I need to get some work done when I'm in the air, will I remember how easy logging-on to the plane's Wi-Fi system was? Absolutely.

Mike Anderson

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