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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

FDA likely to get new influence over food supply

About an hour ago, the senate passed a bill that could result in new scrutiny of the U.S. food supply by the F.D.A. Read details of the bill as published by the Washington Post by clicking here.

A similar bill was passed by the house weeks ago, and must now be reconciled with the senate version. It remains to be seen if that can happen in this congressional session, according to this version of the story from the New York Times (click to link).

Implications: These days, bi-partisan support for anything is very rare. But after recalls on everything from eggs to peanut butter over the past few years, the topic of safe food is an easy political target.

Politicians often bet their survival on topics they deem popular and important to voters. Your company is a candidate, too, with elections held every day and where consumers vote with their dollars. Are you focused on what’s important to them?

Is food safety a competitive advantage for your grocery store, restaurant or other food business? Or… is it an issue that could haunt you sometime in the future if you don’t take time to inspect operational procedures and staff training?

Mike Anderson

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