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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

On being Green

A couple of stories from Marketing Daily this week have me thinking about how much opportunity there is—or isn’t—for companies who focus on the space of environmentally-friendly products and services.  Certainly, a lot of consumers and companies will be reflecting on this issue, too, as Earth Day approaches.

Today's Marketing Daily shares research indicating 68% of consumers feel that it’s worthwhile to spend more for environmentally-friendly products.  Click here to see that posting.

Another recent story comes from Research Brief, and provides Gallup polling data about the environmental issues that consumers worry about most.  Click here to see that posting.  The findings hint that people see environmental protection as one casualty of government cost-cutting.  But it also suggests that people worry less about some issues than they did ten years ago.

Implications:   Like any other trend (and this one is significant), this one must be considered in context.  People have suffered through some pretty big financial traumas over the past few years; could that have consumers less pre-occupied with being green? With the price of gas putting additional pressure on the family budget, could it be harder to rationalize spending more for green products/services?

I believe, firmly, that a lot of folks are concerned about matters environmental.  Does your company, product or service do anything to help consumers act on those concerns, without having it be too difficult?  Are you already providing options that might resonate as a “green,” but overlooking the chance to maximize them as such?  

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