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Friday, April 22, 2011

"Me, too!" versus iPad: Why Apple wins.

Former colleague and continuing friend Todd Storch sent me this story from The Business Insider (click to link).  It offers some great thinking about why, even in a stressed economy, so many people will pay a premium for Apple’s original.

Implications:   The iPad is not just a device, it is also a facilitator.  It helps the user accomplish… catching up on the news, playing a game, reading a book, using an app.  And contrary to popular convention, it does it without adding more bells and whistles; their current campaign explains that the iPad is what happens “when technology gets out of the way.”  (See their current ad in the video box below.)

Could your company benefit from some innovation?  Instead of thinking about what to add, ask whether your offering might be improved by taking something away.  Being intuitive—anticipating what the consumer wants—is the path to profitable innovation.  And it’s what can keep any company, product or service from being seen as a commodity.

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