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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

From a guide wire to a noose: The connected society is on information overload

We’ve been hearing about the 24/7 news cycle for years… that sense that on any typical news day—even more so when a major world event is happening—if we tune away from the news for even a few moments, we might miss something critically important.

Fast forward to 2011:  The “news” we absorb isn’t just coming from a newspaper or major network… it’s coming from our network, via laptops, smartphones and iPads.  Today’s Research Brief featured a story about information overload in the wireless age.  Click here to read it.  A PDF of the Digital Lifestyle survey on which the article was based is available by clicking here (if you’re willing to give up your name and email address).

Implications:   Even if you read the article or white paper, reconsider the extent to which consumers are receiving messages.  33% of survey participants said they even check their device in the middle of the night.  And 64.2% of respondents said the torrent of information they are receiving has gone up by 50% compared to one year ago.

Consider the traffic your messages have to compete with.

Then, consider whether your marketing message has the relevance to win.

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