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Friday, July 8, 2011

Conflicting reports? Take a report from your customers.

While the jobs report this morning was frustrating (see immediately below) and some studies point to falling consumer confidence (click here to see one example from Prosper Technologies), not every postage stamps, plastic has impacted money.

As recently as yesterday, there was a piece in Marketing Daily about improved June sales numbers, attributed to consumer’s happiness and willingness to spend in the wake of falling gas prices (click to link).

Implications:    So we come full circle.  The essence of Elm Street Economics is to pay less attention to what’s going on with Wall Street or Washington, and focus more on what’s going on with the your most important customers and prospects. 

How is the consumer confidence of your clientele?  How can you help make it stronger?  In what ways might you present your company, product or service as a reliable choice in uncertain times?

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