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Thursday, July 7, 2011

UPDATE: State and local governments struggle to make ends meet

Today’s New York Times features a story about communities that have closed their local pools (click here to see the story).   I thought this was a good example of the posting we offered yesterday (see immediately below) about private opportunity amidst public cutbacks.

Implications:    Do you run a waterpark, a hotel that includes a pool, or a local campground with a swimmer-friendly lake?  I hope you’re seizing this opportunity to be the provider of choice… now that some consumers are being forced to explore new alternatives.

Does it make sense to create some daily specials for local consumers?  

If you run a hardware store:  Could you create some signage promoting a "Pool is closed special" on lawn sprinklers?

What other government-funded services have been cut in  your community... that could represent an opportunity for your company, product or service?  

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