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Friday, July 1, 2011

Women worldwide are more empowered (and stressed)

According to a story from Marketing Daily, women are feeling more empowered, but feeling the stress that comes with that responsibility.  The article was based on research from Nielsen (click here to see the story). 

Implications:  I caught myself thinking back to the 1970’s, when American women headed for the workplace in droves, really for the first time since WWII.  The demands of a new career were in addition to—not instead of—the demands they felt at home... having the affect of creating multiple pressure-points on working women.

That shift was the beginning of a wave that continues to move across the world. 

This story also reminds me that women can benefit from a reliable, hard-working partner who is willing to share the burdens of work, home and family.  Not just a spouse or significant other; one of those partners could be your company, product or service.

Are you presenting yourself that way?  Could you?  Should you?

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