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Monday, July 18, 2011

Politics aside, many people seem ready to put politicians aside

This morning, the New York Times had an interesting piece on some less-than-scientific research they conducted over the weekend, having to do with the debate over raising the debt ceiling.  Click here to read the story.  Its only conclusion:  Washington is not getting anything done.  And folks are not blaming the White House or Congress… they seem to be blaming both.

Implications:    Right now, it might be easy to start thinking that many consumers—aka “voters”—are thinking that either major party is too extreme in their approach to finances. 

Will that cause one or both major parties to move more toward the middle?  Will the chasm represent an opening for candidates that either defy their current party’s thinking, or who come from an independent alternative?

Speaking as a trend watcher—not as an advocate for either party—one gets the feeling that patience is running out.  Especially for those politicians who might be seen as more loyal to their party than to the people (again, aka “voters”).  Absent some progress on the debt ceiling, the deficit and jobs, the next election could look a lot like the last… but with neither party coming out as the clear winner.

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