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Friday, July 1, 2011

Most don't anticipate a raise

Before I head out for the weekend, I’m cleaning up the various newsletters that did not seem urgent to share, but were worth referring to before I filed them.  One such note came from a recent issue of Research Brief.  It cites BIGresearch in suggesting that many folks don’t anticipate a raise this year, and will adjust to rising prices by changing their purchase behaviors.  Click here to see the briefing.

Implications:  The workforce—also known as consumers—seems to have adjusted its expectations on a variety of levels.  They are more realistic—pragmatic is a good word—and more careful managers of their household incomes.

I don’t think that necessarily means everyone is looking for a low price.  But I do think most folks continue to scrutinize every purchase… asking themselves whether the value and benefit they have received will match or exceed the payment or sacrifice they have made.

Have a great weekend.

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