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Monday, July 18, 2011

Just cause: Are your charitable tie-ins plausible?

According to findings from MSLGroup, only 37% of consumers have made a purchase in response to a company’s cause marketing efforts.  That’s according to an overview of the study offered in today’s Marketing Daily (click here to see it).

Implications:    The problem is not “Cause Marketing.”  The challenge is choosing a cause that has some kind of an authentic relationship to you, your company, and your consumers... and then helping that cause in a way that is verifiable.  

Companies who claim to be environmentally friendly are guilty of “green-washing.”  But likewise, any other cause-related marketing effort is likely to be met with skepticism (or worse) unless there is a bona fide, demonstrable benefit to the stated group or charity. 

Can you write a “deeds dossier” which explains, precisely, how you are helping advance the interests of any cause, charity or non-profit group you claim to support?  If you can, you should.  If you can’t, you should suspend those claims until you can.  (Before somebody calls you out on it.)

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