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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Predictions start rolling in about Back to School season

A couple of stories hit my desk today on the topic of Back to School.  One, from Marketing Daily—and citing research from NPD Group—suggests that consumers will hold the line (click to link).  Another, which I discovered through Len Stein’s newsletter, explores the tendencies and shopping patterns of young men, women, and various ethnic and race groups (click to link).  That piece was published by YPulse.

Implications:    A lot of people are watching—and counting on—the back to school season as the first major shopping rush of 2011.  How are your customers thinking about BTS?  Are they towing the line, or are they going to see this season as a time to catch-up on their kids’ outdated wardrobe after three or so years of restraint? 

Watch, also, for the electronics people spend on this season.  From smartphones to iPads, a lot of people who are “cutting back” will mysteriously find the money to buy devises that didn’t event exist just a few short years ago.

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