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Monday, October 10, 2011

Grandparents increasingly lend help to their adult family

Earlier today, I wrote a posting about how changes in the definition of retirement might alter the way we behave after leaving a primary career/job.  (I say it that way because now, many retirees will be taking a fresh job/career path after initial retirement.)  [See “The Changing Definition of Retirement” by clicking here.]

Another story from Phil Lempert and the Food Marketing institute today discusses how today’s grandparents are helping their adult children manage… including helping out financially, providing alternate daycare, and more.  Click here to see that story.
Implications:   Boomers re-defined each of the life stages as they moved through their teen-age and adult years.  We should not be surprised that they are changing the definition of grandparenthood, too. 

In what ways can you cater to this important consumer group?  Are your “family” offers inclusive of the grandparent who is frequently bringing the children to your store, restaurant or theme park?  Is your company offering products or services that might make the grandparent’s efforts a bit easier?

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