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Friday, October 14, 2011

Macy’s takes online interaction into the store with QR codes

A recent story from Online Media Daily asks the question, “Are QR codes worth it?” for both the retailer and the consumer.  It’s worthwhile question, and you can read that story by clicking here.

Implications:   Of course, QR codes are just another tool.  And like any piece of equipment, whether it’s effective depends on how you’re planning to use it.  Can consumers “shoot” your QR code to find a landing page with important information about your products, a map to your location, or a coupon that represents value?

One of the stronger uses I’ve seen lately is the way Macy’s has placed QR codes not just in their advertising, but in their stores.  When consumers see the signs—strategically placed throughout each store—they can scan the QR code to hear from designers and celebrities.  It’s like having a virtual sales person point-out the strongest attributes of the featured product.

If you’d like to see the visual explanation, here’s the one Macy’s offered on YouTube (very similar to the television campaign they’ve been running this month to tout this new “service.”)   Note how they emphasize simplicity, and not technology!

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