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Friday, October 7, 2011

We interrupt all this negativity for a little more good news

While many experts were focused on stock market gyrations and gloomy headlines about the world economy and Washington gridlock, consumers spent much of September shopping.  That is, except those who were going back to work.

Today’s Marketing Daily is among the sources that reported stronger-than-expected sales for retailers in September.  You can read that story by clicking here.   Even better than that news is this:  The number of new jobs created in September was better than forecast.  (I refer to that news as “better” because higher employment affects more than just one month.)  See the Washington Post version of that story by clicking here.

Implications:   … and I’ve said it a thousand times.  If you focus only on the news out from Pennsylvania Avenue and Wall Street, you’ll drive yourself crazy.  Focus, instead, on that micro-economy that exists between your company and its consumers. 

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