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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Extreme coupon users far from the majority

Observation:   Lots of people are using coupons, but not all of them are extreme coupon users.  That's according to this story from today’s Marketing Daily (click here to link).
Implications:   One fear that prevents some companies from delving into the realm of couponing is the image of the hoarding coupon extremists who will drain the store of inventory but never buy anything at the regular price.  According to this article, it sounds like those folks are in the extreme minority.

I enjoyed the way the research cited in this report (from Valassis, BIGInsights, NCH Marketing and various coupon bloggers) provided insights as to how people are using the money they saved by using coupons.  But beyond “gas, essentials, and paying debt,” I’d love to know how many folks used those savings as “found money,” permitting them to indulge in a treat at the next store they walked into.

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