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Monday, May 14, 2012

Are dads the new moms?

Observation:  An essay from the Wall Street Journal explores the evolution of fatherhood in American life, as the dynamics of family continue to change.  It was a fascinating read, and you can see it by clicking here.

Implications:   If you sell to parents, it’s important to understand how the roles of moms and dads have changed over time.  After you read this WSJ piece, you must ask yourself whether you’re seeing some of these changes in your own business.  Is mom necessarily the one buying (or using) traditional products like laundry detergent, housecleaning supplies, or children’s medicine?  Who’s sending the kids off to the bus stop… and who’s greeting them when they come home?

Household composition and family dynamics are important considerations when you’re thinking about your most important customers, regardless of the business you’re in. 

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