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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Abandoning the in-store shopping cart: Smartphones intercepting retail purchases

Observation:  Fifty-three percent of mobile commerce users say they have halted an in-store purchase because of an offer or information they found online, while in the store.  That’s according to research from the Internet Advertising Bureau as published today at   Among mobile device owners, 73% have used their smartphone in-store.  Click here to see the full story.

Implications:   We’ve written about “Showrooming” in this space before (see the series by clicking here), but it seems new data is constantly arriving to illustrate just how pervasive the practice might be.

If you have a physical location—and I’ve suggested this before—wouldn’t it be smart to have a strategy where small business-card-sized brochures could be placed near the price on each shelf, containing the URL to your store’s website (and perhaps an offer that would incentivize the use of your site)?  If consumers are going to take the shopping experience online, at least they stand a better chance of continuing to do that shopping with you.  

[Note:  Thanks to friend and colleague Matt Sunshine for passing along the story along!]

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