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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Men hit the grocery store in greater numbers

Observation:  A story out of the Northwest indicates that men are taking over a greater share of the household food shopping.  According to the report, men now represent about 31% of supermarket visitors; in 1985, that number was 14%.  Click here to see the

Implications:   The story suggests that this shift in gender balance at the grocery store is due to “the erosion of the traditional family.”  While the composition of the American family is much different than it used to be, I’m not sure I’d refer to it as “erosion,” but simply, “changing.”  Further, changes in simple economics and the employment landscape are a contributor; with more women in the workforce than there were in 1985, it should not shock us that evidence is finally beginning to accumulate that men are taking over (or at least contributing more) in other areas of the household operation.

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