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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Millennials as the “unbanked” generation. (Could your category face the same fate?)

Observation:  A story from USA Today this morning builds on the body of opinion that banks are losing significant market share to check-cashing services, payday loan operations and other alternatives to traditional banking.  Click here to see the story.

Implications:   As one reviews the stories we’ve posted about banking at this site, this issue has become a frequent topic and an important focal point as the banking industry evolves.

What kinds of tools or services could banks offer to become more relevant to young adults?  While direct payroll deposit and online bill-pay services have become an important service to young adults… they’ve also reduced the face-time bankers used to get with these customers and prospects.  How could banks begin to re-build a personal relationship with their young customers?

By the way, the impact of this issue is not limited to banking.  More and more life tasks are either automated or performed online as time goes by (consider the way people research, shop and buy things like cars, plane tickets, music, personal electronics, etc.)  Is the product or service you sell subject to this same frustration within the next few years?  How will you respond?

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